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Encontrará diferentes opciones para servir sus postres. 

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  • 2.5 L Grey Pan Liner
    Don't limit your flavor options. Use our sturdy, heavy weight plastic tubs to display more mouth-watering flavors. These tubs can hold up to 2.5 liters and are perfect for the slower seasons or for those slow moving flavors. Use our Grey Flat Lid (ALC284-13) in conjunction to the tubs for easy storage and transportation. Lids sold separately.
  • Contenedor Térmico Grande
    Contenedor Térmico Grande con una presentación de aproximadamente 34 onzas (1000cc), excelente para conservar postres fríos por 30 minutos.
  • Copa YoCup - Pequeña
    Copa de papel de 12 onzas, ideal para servir frozen yogurt con toppings.
  • Cubeta Angosta Gris
    Una cubeta para capacidad de 5l, resistente. (142oz). Ideal para usarla con tapas planas o redondas para poder guardar o transportar producto. (Las tapas se las vende por separado)
  • Espátula para Gelato de PreGel
    Esta espátula es útil para limpiar los lados interiores de las vasquetas y para servir la perfecta cantidad de gelato.
  • Gelato Slice Kit
    Cake or Gelato, why choose? With PreGel’s brand new Gelato Slice Kit, it’s so simple to now include, alongside traditional gelato pans, original specialties that combine the classic flavors of cake and the creamy freshness of artisanal gelato. This kit includes the tools necessary to make your Gelato Slice in just a few easy steps, as well as the unique scooper to allow neat and perfect slices, which are ideal for both eat-in and to-go service. This kit works perfectly with our shallow 5L gelato pans.
  • Poinsettia Holiday Cups

    Perfect for serving decadent gelato or scrumptious ice cream, plain or laden with delicious toppings, these sturdy 5 oz cups are packaged in cases of 1,400 pieces and display a cheerful red and white pattern similar to a typical "holiday sweater".

  • PreGel Bag Clips
    Bag clips are a must in every kitchen. Conveniently seal your PreGel ingredients by sliding the clip over the crease of your bag to preserve the product from air and moisture. These durable, white bag clips are heavy duty and embossed with the PreGel logo.
  • Señalador plástico
    Tarjeta para identificar los diferentes sabores de gelato o helado tradicional.
  • Tapas Plástico Universales
    Tapas universales para copas de helado.