Gelato Slice Kit

Código: P00310

Cake or Gelato, why choose? With PreGel’s brand new Gelato Slice Kit, it’s so simple to now include, alongside traditional gelato pans, original specialties that combine the classic flavors of cake and the creamy freshness of artisanal gelato. This kit includes the tools necessary to make your Gelato Slice in just a few easy steps, as well as the unique scooper to allow neat and perfect slices, which are ideal for both eat-in and to-go service. This kit works perfectly with our shallow 5L gelato pans.

Dimensiones: Slicing Spatula- 11" total length

Empaque: 1 Separator, 1 Slicing Spatula and 1 Undulator Scraper

Material: Plástico

Color: Transparente

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